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All-Girls Advantage

Students cheering
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Learn About Activities

All Activities and Initiatives are Student-Driven. 

Each day our students take advantage of the opportunities available to them, whether it be participating on a student leadership board, starting a new club or leading a service learning project. Students develop a tremendous amount of confidence in realizing that they, as women, are driving each of these school activities.

Student speaking into microphone


Learn About Leadership

Self-Expression Becomes Second Nature.

Research findings note that it’s beneficial and powerful for girls, in particular, “to see it in order to be it.” So when students see their peers leading a club, excelling in student government or succeeding on the robotics team, they get the clear message that they too can excel in those areas. Expressing oneself, sharing their unique perspective and using their voice becomes second nature. This is the power of an NDB education. 

Students hugging


Learn About Sisterhood

Being Yourself is a Superpower.

The single-gender environment at NDB empowers students to focus on what really matters, in and out of the classroom. Whether students are invited to speak their mind in class in a compassionate environment or sing chants of sisterhood at the top of their lungs at a rally, being oneself is a superpower. Being in an environment where every student is seen and appreciated for who they are inspires students to speak with confidence, develop leadership skills with prowess and ultimately create positive change.

Film Producer Naomi Sablan Scott '90 Speaks to the Benefits of an All-Girls Education

Naomi Sablan Scott '90 with current students

Becoming a Leader is Imperative

NDB offers over 200 leadership positions in student government, boards, and professional clubs and organizations. Roughly half of student leaders are elected into their roles by the student body while the other half are selected based upon an extensive application and interview process. 

Learn More about Student Leadership

Girls shouting into microphone at rally


Who is to say what a woman can or cannot be — besides herself.


Emily Wellman

Emily Wellman ‘19
Sports Marketing Intern and Psychology Student at Santa Clara University

I was prepared academically, athletically and through my experience in student council to gain confidence and to move onto college. I love an all girls education because it means that there will be young women in every single leadership opportunity in the school.

Liz Stapleton Zerella

Liz Stapleton Zerrella ‘95
Former Associate Finance Director at The Clorox

Single-gender education is such an incredible opportunity. You are enveloped by a family atmosphere that comes from being surrounded by like-minded, tenacious, determined women.

Meredith Essalat '98

Meredith Essalat ‘98
Head of School at Notre Dame Belmont

NDB is a community that showed me that I mattered and I could do anything. This instilled a lasting confidence in me.

Miranda Sulley

Miranda Sulley ‘07
Head of Employee Happiness at JustAnswer

Notre Dame taught me to be a confident young lady. It taught me to speak up, it gave me a foundation and made me who I am today.

Monica Ehlers

Monica Ehlers ‘86
Personal Trainer

NDB is unique because of the belief in empowerment and equanimity for these young women.

Coleen Lorenz

Coleen Lorenz
Dance Teacher

We are sisters, all here for each other. Everyone has your back and everyone wants you to succeed.

Sophia Rask

Sophia Rask ‘23

Students who experience an all girls education at NDB are so much more willing to stand up for things, to speak out, to have opinions in class, and to run for different offices.

Jonathan Tomczak
NDB Teacher

When girls are told that the content of their hearts and minds is precious, we learn that there is value in ourselves and in each other that is greater than our looks, or the degree of servitude we can provide to men. Girls who believe wholeheartedly in their intellect and ability - especially when they work together - can be an incredible source of power and good. At Notre Dame, I was taught to trust in my intelligence, talent and strength on a fundamental level. That lesson was more valuable than anything I could have learned in a classroom, and it is a lesson I carry with me today.

Dyan Valdes

Dyan Valdes ‘98
International Recording Artist and Touring Musician

I really value the single sex education that NDB uniquely offers, as the experience enabled personal development by strengthening my confidence and my ability to communicate well with others. I work with researchers, doctors, nurses, and all kinds of patients and communicating effectively is very important. An NDB education allowed me to enter college and the workforce with confidence.

Brooke Dunleavy ‘11
Genetic Counselor at Stanford Children’s Hospital

Statement on Gender Diversity:

Notre Dame Belmont opened its doors in 1851 with a vision to educate young women at a time when such opportunities were often only available to boys and men. In keeping with the mission of NDB, the school is dedicated to nurturing the full potential of all students: mind, body and spirit. As our understanding of gender continues to expand to a more inclusive spectrum of identities and expressions, NDB will remain committed to provide support based on the emotional, social and academic needs of each student.

Notre Dame cheerleaders cheer at a football game

The Best of Both Worlds.

NDB is a single-gender school with abundant co-ed connections. As a member of a Tri-School program with Junipero Serra High School and Mercy High School Burlingame, NDB offers students opportunities for a co-educational experience in the areas of academics, performing arts and student activities.

Learn About Co-Ed Opportunities

The Advantage of a Single-Gender Education at NDB:

  • 100% of NDB graduates expect to earn a four year degree. Two-thirds of our students expect to earn graduate or professional degrees.

  • 96% of our students say that they receive more frequent feedback on assignments than their co-ed peers.

  • 95% of our Tigers feel supported by their teachers and 90% feel supported by other students.

  • 93% of NDB students report exceptional leadership opportunities at NDB.

  • NDB students are 6x more likely to major in math, science or technology in college.

  • NDB students are 3x more likely to choose careers in engineering.

Women who participate in single gender education are more likely to:

  • Publicly communicate their opinion about a cause

  • Participate in community social action and environmental programs

  • Volunteer in their communities

  • Work cooperatively with diverse people 

  • Help to promote racial understanding

  • Keep up with political affairs and vote in elections

  • Influence political structures

Female-Driven Athletics

At NDB, women hold leadership positions on every athletic team. Athletics are competitive and well supported, drawing large crowds and support to athletic events including Dig Pink, Water Polo Fan Fest, and more!

Learn more about Athletics

Girls running