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Academic Teams

Students smile at desks wearing business attire

TigerBots Robotics

TigerBots is NDB's award-winning, student-run FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team that introduces students to engineering, business, marketing and more. The team works together to develop technical skills to design, prototype and build robots and promote their team. The year-long experience culminates by participating in the annual FTC challenge.

Try your hand at:

  • Designing and building robots
  • Using a drill, a table top saw and other tools
  • Programming
  • 3D printing and CAD
  • Driving robots (even if you can’t drive a car!)
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Marketing and outreach
Students drive a robot in a competition
Students work on their robot
Students work on their robot
Students smile in front of a table that has a poster and a robot on it
Students smile with TigerBots pins
Students smile in front of their TigerBots information booth
Two students present with a poster at the front of a class

Math Team

Math Team practices, prepares and competes in a variety of contests and competitions including the California Math League Contests, the American Mathematics, the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Moody’s Math Challenge.

Mock Trial Team

The Mock Trial Team is the largest team of any kind at NDB, as well as the largest student organization overall. As the only all-female Mock Trial program in San Mateo County, we provide opportunities for the next generation of women to create community and act for justice, empowering students to bring the Notre Dame Hallmarks into the courtroom.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is an academic competition centered around a fictional criminal trial. Team members decide whether to specialize in Prosecution or Defense, and then each builds their side of the case: one arguing Guilty, the other Not Guilty. Teams compete against other schools at the official courthouse in Redwood City to see who made the best case and delivered the most entertaining performance. This includes witnesses who must know the facts of their witness statement, trial attorneys who must prepare direct and cross-examination questions, pretrial attorneys who argue constitutional issues relevant to the trial and even the court bailiff.

Why Join Mock Trial?

In true attorney fashion, let NDB give you three arguments for joining us on Mock Trial:

If you’d like to further discover NDB Mock Trial, we encourage you to visit our official team website! There, you can:

  • Learn more about the team and our various programs
  • See past Mock Trial performances
  • Schedule a time to shadow one of our team practices

You can contact the team at, or contact our coach directly at