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Tigers with Learning Differences are Empowered for Success (EFS) 

Student smiling

The EFS Program gave me the skills to advocate for myself and receive the accommodations that I need for college courses. 

Sofia Gomez

Sofia Gomez '23
Business Student at University of Redlands

The support and mentorship from teachers and staff provided essential guidance that helped me understand the best learning methods for my learning disabilities. This support was crucial for my success and has provided a strong foundation invaluable in every step of my career.

Anica Chavez '07

Anica Chavez '07
Senior Director and Executive Producer, SF Giants

I am very glad that NDB has an EFS program and I think it's been very helpful and valuable to my daughter and her learning.

NDB Parent

I am grateful for all that EFS is doing. I like that EFS started to offer special events for the girls to let them know what options are available to them in college.

NDB Parent

The Empowered for Success (EFS) Program is a four-year program designed to support and guide students with documented learning differences (i.e. cognitive, psychological, physical and medical conditions). Our program strives to empower students to become strong self-advocates and voice their support needs. Students in the EFS Program improve their self-determination skills by learning to make meaningful choices regarding their academic and personal goals. Our team offers regular check-ins to review student learning plans and teach students how to effectively utilize their accommodations based on their individual needs. Students are expected to meet the same academic standards as their peers, and they are often enrolled in Honors and AP classes. Our EFS scholars are gifted, highly motivated and dedicated to becoming active members of the Notre Dame community.

EFS Offers:

  • Freshman Intensive classes
  • Access to an EFS support page with resources
  • Regular check-ins
  • Academic support
  • Collaborative meetings with students, parents and teachers (upon request)
  • Review of student learning plans and accommodations
  • Support technology
  • Help with college applications

EFS Works to promote:

  • Executive functioning skills
  • Study skills
  • Test-taking skills
  • Ability awareness
  • Self-determination
  • Self-advocacy
  • Independence

Reading Support Program

Our EFS program provides equitable access for students who struggle with reading. Our EFS staff sets up  each student with their own free account to Learning Ally where they are able to save Voice-to-Text or Classic Audio books to their library.

Customized Learning Plans

Students in the EFS program receive an NDB Learning Plan, which outlines each students strengths and areas of growth. Our EFS staff works together with students, families and teachers to determine appropriate accommodations that will provide equitable access to learning.

Newly Designed Learning Center

The newly designed EFS Learning Center provides our students with ample space to collaborate and a quiet room for students to self-regulate during challenging moments. The EFS Learning Center also includes a quiet testing room for alternate test setting accommodations. Our EFS staff works to maintain a welcoming and calming environment for our students.

EFS Center

EFS Team

Arlene Empleo

Arlene Empleo

Associate Head of School for Student Services
Camilla Soto

Camilla Soto

EFS Coordinator