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Students play a game outside wearing neon clothes, tutus and face paint

Explore your interests. Discover your passions. 

InterSession is a student experience completely unique to NDB. Students enjoy a week-long immersion into a course of their choice to explore interests, learn skills and discover their passions. Each year, NDB provides an array of immersion activities from which students can choose.

2024 Offerings

2023 Offerings

A student smiles as they cook fresh pasta
Art class students speak to teacher
A student sprinting in the gym
Students cutting fabric that is laid out on tables
Student spray painting a canvas
A hampster
Spray paints in front of a canvas with graffiti writing on it
A dog lays down
Four students smile, dressed in green tutus and facepaint
Students smile at a restaurant
Student hands
Students paint a sign
Students stand in front of an animal care center
Students pet a hampster
Students work with a teacher with computers and a Cricut device
Students paint a poster
Students work on a project with feathers and glue
Students pet a hampster
Students cross-stitch in an art classroom
Students watch  a woman training a dog
Students cross-stitch pictures
Students work on an art project in a classroom
A student works on a painting
A student ross-stitches
Students play a game outdoors, dressed in bright colors and tutus
A dog jumps over a jump
Students play a game outdoors dressed in bright colors
A student works with a sewing machine
Two students at lunch
Three students smile at lunch with chop sticks

Students play a game outside and smile, dressed in bright colors, face paint and tutus

Students practice a cheerleading tower
Students practice a cheer tower