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Two students take fingerprints in forensics class

Study Like a Tiger.

“A Notre Dame education is, at its core, rigorous academics — but what differentiates Notre Dame is that it's about the holistic person — developing compassion and empathy and having a vision for how you want to go out and impact the world.”

- Meredith Essalat ‘98, Head of School

AP Honor Roll Gold

NDB has been named to the inaugural 2023 AP School Honor Roll. The AP School Honor Roll recognizes schools whose AP programs are delivering results for students while broadening access. Schools can earn this recognition annually based on criteria that reflect a commitment to increasing college-going culture, providing opportunities for students to earn college credit and maximizing college readiness. The AP School Honor Roll offers four levels of distinction: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. NDB has been designated as Gold. With 217 students who took 452 AP exams, 71.43% scored a three or higher on at least one AP exam. 

AP CSP Female Diversity Award

NDB has earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles (CSP). This award acknowledges 1,127 schools for their work toward equal gender representation during the 2022-23 school year. NDB is one of only 834 schools to be recognized for achieving this important result in AP CSP. Learn more.

A student writes in class

Academic Concentrations

Discover my ConcentrationBeginning with the Class of 2028, NDB offers eight Academic Concentrations (including STEM, Mass Communications, Humanities, Social Justice, Sports Management, Arts, and the Tiger Track) that empower students to dive into the field of study that they are most interested in, preparing them for a successful college and professional career. 
Students walk and smile wearing honors cords

St. Julie Scholar

Become a Scholar

Beginning sophomore year, the St. Julie Scholar Concentration prepares students for elevated academic performance in college. The St. Julie Scholar Concentration includes an array of AP and Honors courses for students who are looking to exceed the already impressive academic and extracurricular expectations of  an NDB education.
Students listen to science teacher

22 Honors and 15 AP Courses

Explore AP and Honors

From STEM to humanities to the arts, NDB offers a wide variety of AP and honors courses to prepare students for college. 
Student smiles with National Honor Society certificate

Honor Societies

Achieve Honors

Students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in academics are indoctrinated into the National Honors Society and California Scholarship Federation each year.

Mock Trial students smile in business attire

Academic Teams

Join a Team

NDB offers competitive academic teams including Math Team, TigerBots and Mock Trial to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Student making noodles


Learn About InterSession

InterSession is a week-long intensive that provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning a new skill or diving into a new topic.

Academic and College Counseling

NDB gets students ahead of the curve by beginning a rigorous college preparation process their freshman year and sustaining growth throughout their four year career at NDB. Over four years, students grow equipped with skills to apply for and gain entrance to competitive colleges across the country.

Learn more about Academic and College Counseling

Wellness Counseling

NDB provides comprehensive support to students throughout their time at NDB.

Explore Wellness Counseling

Two students smile

Summer at NDB

Spend your summer at NDB! NDB provides summer programming and camps for girls in Grade 6 and up.

Explore Summer at NDB

Summer at NDB
Three students smile at the beach volleyball court
Two students work on a science project
Students serve volleyballs in the gym
A student works on a science project
A student hits a volleyball in the gym
Three students build a structure with marshmallows and sticks as they smile
Students playing beach volleyball
Two students smile as they work on a science project
Students play beach volleyball
Four students in class with laptops
Three students build a structure with marshmallows and pasta sticks
A teacher speaks to a class in the classroom
A student works on a science project
Four students smile on the beach volleyball court
Two students work on their laptops and talk to each other
A teacher speaks to a class
Three students work together as a group
A teacher speaks to students while holding her laptop
A teacher speaks to students in class
Three students sit on the ground, working together with laptops
Students chat as they type on laptops
Students chat and smile as they work on laptops

Graduation Requirements

Notre Dame Belmont graduation requirements provide students with the necessary credits and variety of courses needed for admission to the University of California campuses, California State Universities, and private and out-of-state colleges and universities. NDB requires that students must take a minimum of 60 credits per year for graduation. 

240 credits are required for graduation. All courses required for graduation must be taken at Notre Dame Belmont. 80 hours of service must be fulfilled in order to receive a diploma. NDB requires that students must take a minimum of 60 credits per year for graduation (the equivalent of six classes/30 credits per semester).