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International Student Program

Staff member places a hawaiian lay over an ISP student in her graduation gown

Welcoming Young Women from Around the Globe

Notre Dame High School Belmont (NDB) is a community of parents, teachers, staff and alumni who are dedicated to providing the best high school experience possible for young women. We encourage international students to apply to our International Student Program and be part of the NDB family.

Our international students meet classmates, teachers and staff who will help them to explore their talents and achieve success in a variety of places—academics, the arts, athletics, clubs and Catholic service—all in the context of our core values of faith, wisdom, service, community and leadership. Most importantly, NDB teachers model values that inspire our young Tigers to become confident women who will make a positive impact in the world.

Our International Student Program offers:

  • A two to ten month immersion program
  • An after-school study group
  • Three full time support staff
  • Peer tutoring
  • College counseling
  • *Ongoing parent/guardian communications and support

*NDB provides parents/guardians with weekly updates and communications regarding their student’s academic status, activities and accomplishments.

Four international students smile together
A group of international students smile
A group of international students and their families smile
International students smile with the director of the program
international students smile with sunflowers
A student hugs the director of the ISP program

Contact Information (English): 

Raena Mullan
Raena Mullan
Director of International
Student Program
650.595.1913 x449

Contact Information (Chinese):

Mary Chang
WeChat: mary415chang


At Notre Dame, I not only learned to be a better student, but I also learned to be a proponent for empowering diverse communities.

 Xinlin “Lynne” Pan ‘23

Xinlin “Lynne” Pan ‘23

University of Rochester

Follow the philosophy to 'work hard, be nice and be positive', and step onto the bridge that Notre Dame built for us to enjoy the exciting future.

Yutong “Susie” Liu ‘24

Yutong “Susie” Liu ‘24

On the path of growing up, the experience in Notre Dame helped me find my true self and become a better one.

 Binrui “Jennifer” Jin ‘23

Binrui “Jennifer” Jin ‘23

Indiana University- Bloomington

The education and experiences I received at Notre Dame not only gave me a solid academic foundation, but it also prepared me well enough to face the world on my own.

Carol Li '20 

UC Berkeley

Notre Dame surrounds me with young women who dream big and lead with conviction, and makes me one of them.

Manshu “Gina” Ji “24

Manshu “Gina” Ji '24

I just learned about the American dream and now realize Notre Dame is my first step towards it.

Rae Lin ‘18

Boston University

NDB is the best fit for young girls striving for growth and development. NDB's faculty are knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. International Counselor and Program Director, Ms. Mullan, guided my path to success at NDB and beyond. I'm grateful to have been an NDB Tiger!

Hao “Ivy” Shen ‘22

Hao “Ivy” Shen ‘22

University San Francisco