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Educational Technology

Faculty and students access a wealth of information, services, and networks throughout local, national, and global communities every day. At Notre Dame, we take a holistic approach to technology. Using technology in the classroom is more than learning how to use a device or a software application. Our students use technology to become agents of change in the 21st century, transitioning from consumers of technology to leaders who collaborate, create, communicate, design, and innovate with technology.


Our bring your own laptop program empowers students to learn at their full potential and to prepare for the real world of college and the workplace. The mobility and power of a complete device allows for meaningful integration of  technology across  the curriculum. Additionally, the use of  iPads and mobile devices provides students with a flexible tool to reinforce and augment course content.



By adopting a cross-platform policy for student-provided laptops, parents have a wide range of purchase options to meet their family preference and budgetary needs. Parents can choose between the Apple or Windows operating systems with prices for PC laptops beginning at approximately $329. All laptops need to meet the school's minimum system requirements. We only ask that students be equipped with laptops rather than Chromebooks or tablets. The reason for this is that while these devices have their own strengths and benefits, they do not allow students to download software which several classes use, especially the Tech and Media Arts courses. In addition, our campus printers do not support Chromebooks or mobile devices. Thus, laptops are the best all-around learning tool for our students.



Our 1+1 technology program supports the Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community Hallmark Seven which states, "We develop holistic learning communities which educate for life" and reflects our fidelity to the directive of St. Julie Billiart, our Foundress, "Teach your students whatever is necessary to equip them for life."

Anne Schaefer-Salinas

Associate Head of School for Academics


Rebecca Girard

Educational Technology Specialist


Ozzie Guarin

IT Support