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Student Leadership » Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

The mission of the Health & Wellness program is to assist each student in developing her potential as a lifelong learner, to help each student gain a better understanding of herself and to encourage each student to use life experiences as a foundation for developing responsibility and sound judgment.


In collaboration with the Spiritual Life Department, the Health & Wellness Team spends a couple weeks each semester in each Spiritual Life class, focusing on key topics such as resiliency, forgiveness, happiness and courage.  Additionally, each class has two retreats per year in an effort to deepen relationships with each other, as well as to focus on faith development.


Topics for each class level include:


Freshman Year

  • Caring for your most vulnerable self
  • Shifting friendship groups successfully
  • Understanding the value of your “word”
  • How to listen to others
  • How to TALK to each other (not text)
  • Cultivating wellness through healthy daily habits
  • Developing self-advocacy with teachers
  • Creating boundaries with social media
  • Proven study skills
  • Preparing for their first experience of high school Finals

Sophomore Year

  • Earning your own self-esteem
  • Developing resiliency
  • Gaining independence (driver’s permit/license, job interview skills/tips)
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Evaluating healthy friendships and relationships
  • Taking God on one’s personal journey
  • Recognizing your support system

Junior Year

  • Cultivating meaningful relationships
  • Recognizing unhealthy relationships
  • Strengthening your support system
  • Projecting a healthy and real social media personal image
  • Life skills
  • Resume writing
  • Managing one’s finances
  • Car safety basics
  • Self Confidence
  • Taming one’s inner dialogue
  • Comparing yourself to your self
  • The power of your word


Senior Year

  • Strengthening resiliency and coping strategies
  • Managing stress
  • The role patience plays in one’s life
  • Practicing self
  • Compassion and managing one’s inner critique
  • Learning the power of forgiveness with self and others
  • Reviewing healthy nutritional habits
  • Preparation list for the first year of college
  • Finances: credit cards, etc.
  • Voting/jury duty
  • Car safety habits
Overcoming basic college roommate obstacles