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Brand and Identity Standards


The identity and distinctive brand of Notre Dame Belmont represents our mission to develop responsible young women of active faith, strong intellect, and Christian leadership. 
The ongoing success of the NDB brand depends on the consistent and frequent use of key identity elements. These elements produce an inspiring and lasting impression on our current and prospective families, alumnae and friends of NDB. A consistent visual identity results in instant recognition and an enhanced image of integrity.


The primary logo consists of the seal and the logotype. These components should never be redrawn, altered or distorted. 
Notre Dame Belmont Logo
Coat of Arms
The NDB coat of arms is that of of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. It represents our founder, Saint Julie Billiart’s belief in the goodness of God, faith, hope, love, purity and innocence. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur foster a respect for the goodness and dignity of each person and a care for justice for all. The NDB Coat of Arms is always displayed in the round circle logotype, surrounded by the words "Notre Dame Belmont."
Clear Space Surrounding Logo
No other graphic or typographic element may encroach within the width .5 inches of the logo as defined by the dotted lines. 
Clean Background Behind Logo
The logo must always be legible. Do not place the logo on a busy pattern or photograph. The logo should be placed on a clean background.


The tagline can be utilized independently or in combination with the logo. When used in combination, it must appear as it appears below with the school name and tagline in Josefin Sans Regular font, and the school name must be on top of the tagline. 


Typography used consistently reinforces NDB brand's recognition and visual style. The following fonts are approved for exclusive school identity use to provide a consistent and recognizable style in all communication formats, both print and digital.
Primary Typeface: Josefin Sans Regular
Josefin San Regular is our primary typeface for print and web use. This is used for all titles, headings and subheadings.
Secondary Typeface: TT Commons

TT Commons is our secondary typeface used for body copy, and captions. All weights of this font may be used. When TT Commons is unavailable, DM Sans may be used as an alternative. If DM Sans is not available, Ariel can be used as an alternative (only in the event that TT Commons and DM Sans in not available). Sans Serif can be used for gmail and e-signatures.

Special Typeface: Playlist Script


Playlist Script is a cursive-style font to be used more sparingly and for special occasions such as event invitations, or for headings or special callout text on print and web materials. This font should only be used when displayed large enough to be legible.

Color Palette

Color use is as significant and important as the images, symbols and marks that define our visual identity. The NDB color palette contains integrated color solutions and definitions adaptable for a range of marketing, merchandising, web and related communications. To maintain a uniform brand identity and fulfill the school’s broader communications needs, we must all take great care when selecting appropriate colors for both print and online uses. From a specification standpoint, this system also provides accurate color guidance for suppliers and vendors who produce our commercial merchandise, clothing and print materials. These colors are approved for their proven versatility and consistent quality across multiple mediums.
Use of Color
Primary and secondary colors can be used freely and within combination with one another. Primary colors do not have to be included on every design. Some designs may include a combination of primary and secondary colors, while others may include primary or secondary colors. Body copy should always be legible and preferably either dark gray or black. The colors specified here are the only colors to be used in any outward-facing document or design in order to keep the strength of the NDB brand.
Color Specifications
Each color has a precise mix for print and on-screen use. Please follow the specific color breakdowns for all media.