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Notre Dame Belmont challenges students to grow in a supportive environment that celebrates intellectual risk-taking, demands reflective learning, and pushes students to become problem solvers for the 21st century. Students pursue coursework in humanities, mathematics, science, computer science, spiritual life, world languages, visual & performing arts, and athletics.
The School offers 21 AP courses, as well as many electives across all disciplines. The counseling department creates a climate of care that nurtures the holistic well-being of all students, supporting their growth toward self-advocacy, as it assists them in becoming responsible, independent lifelong learners. Students in the Empowered for Success (EFS) program receive academic accommodations based upon individual documented requirements. EFS students are highly motivated, eager to learn, and have a strong record of first-rate college placement.
In addition to NDB’s world-class academic program, the School provides a supplemental 4-year framework to help students explore and develop through the lens of service. In the freshman “Becoming Notre Dame” course, small student groups work with mentors to visualize their 4-year learning journey, and develop core life skills for leadership, community engagement, academic excellence, and social and emotional well-being. In the sophomore year, students apply research and networking skills to their individual areas of interest, in order to develop an original Capstone Project by the end of their junior year. Final Capstone Projects are then presented to the School community in the senior year.
Cumulative Grade Point Averages are computed at the end of each semester. The grading scale to be used in calculating letter grades from percentages is as follows:

A+ 97.5 – 100
A 92.5 – 97.49
A- 89.5 – 92.49     
B+ 87.5 – 89.49
B 82.5 – 87.49
B- 79.5 – 82.49
C+ 77.5 – 79.49
C 72.5 – 77.49
C- 69.5 – 72.49
D+ 67.5 – 69.49
D 62.5 – 67.49
D- 59.5 – 62.49
F 59.49 and below