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Visual & Performing Arts


Featuring the only all-girl student-run TV station on the peninsula, a choir that’s been heard around the world, an art gallery, and tri-school performances that bring down the house, Notre Dame is the place for expression and creativity.

Dance, sing, film, sculpt, paint, design, and broadcast with us!

Visual and Performing Arts are a vital component of education at Notre Dame High School, and are woven throughout the fabric of the school. Notre Dame’s arts facilities and curriculum have been developed to support students’ exploration of new technologies and classical media, while offering opportunities for collaborating, performing, broadcasting, and displays of creative work throughout the year. Courses are well defined and rigorous, while emphasizing personal growth and self-expression, and designed to support students’ development of technical mastery through experimentation and innovation. Students are well-prepared for college-level visual and performing art programs in various disciplines, and creative thinking of all kinds, leading to a life-long participation in creative self-expression, as well as an appreciation of the arts as vital to human growth and wellness.


The arts contribute to the holistic growth and development of well-rounded learners, offering students much-needed brain-based activities dedicated to self-inquiry and self-expression. Reviews of research on learning and the brain have repeatedly shown that creative problem solving, invention and kinesthetic expression facilitate cognitive development.

Courses are open to all grade levels. Please see Course Catalog for strands (paths) and graduation requirements.