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Note: Driving forms must be completed 1 week prior to driving teams.
Submit your Appryse for new and returning NDB athletes.
Please make sure to (re)enroll on Appryse before August 1st to avoid a $50 late fee ONLY if you are a returning student-athlete. Incoming freshmen do not need to enroll again if already enrolled for admissions. Whether you are trying out for a fall, winter or spring sport, you may re-enroll beginning in June. Be sure to complete all questions and download the required Athletic Participation form, have it signed by your daughter's physician and upload to your Appryse account.
  • Students must be enrolled on Appryse before starting school as freshmen and before being allowed to tryout for a sport.
  • Do not wait until the last minute, as this will cause the student to miss tryout days.
  • Questions or problems during enrollment should be directed to Appryse. Click the “Contact Support” button on the Appryse website.
  • Please encourage your doctor to use the approved Appryse physical form that has your daughter’s unique bar code. Do not include attachments such as immunization forms, as the Appryse system only recognizes the single Appryse physical form, which already has a section for immunizations.
  • Do NOT fax in your own doctor’s form, as this will not be recognized by the Appryse system and will NOT be received. It must be the approved Appryse doctor’s physical form and must include the Appryse bar code included on the Appryse doctor’s physical form.
  • The parent or the doctor should either fax the Appryse physical form to the number at the top of the physical form, or upload it directly to Appryse.
  • Only ONE form can be faxed or uploaded. Immunization forms cannot be faxed or uploaded.
  • Once enrolled, go to the "to do checklist" and download the required forms.
Appryse is a medical information and injury notification system used by NDB Athletics to manage medical information and emergencies. Appryse securely contains contact information and medical history in a cloud-based mobile phone accessible system. Improving privacy, coaches will now use their instead of carrying binders. In the event of injury, you will be automatically notified via phone, email and text message simultaneously and given directions to the location of your child, whether on the field or the hospital they are taken to.Parents are able to enter all information online and upload or fax doctor physical forms. Information can be updated throughout the year as it changes, and next season you will only have to review and update the information, we promise.