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Ms. Clare Wadbrook » Profile


Ms. Wadbrook joined the NDB community in 2006 shortly after returning to the Bay Area from Texas.  At NDB, the sense of community and the connections that she has made are very strong and the school has provided many opportunities to explore and grow intellectually and emotionally.  A member of NTCE and other professional organizations present new innovations in teaching, complemented by personal research and following leaders in education via social media.  Though she took the traditional academic route to become an English teacher, once qualified, Ms. Wadbrook became interested in the emergence of technology in education.  This led to her thoroughly immersing herself in the subject by returning to college full time to earn a Masters in Information Systems and subsequently work in the IT industry.  Returning to being an English teacher after some years, it is interesting for her to see how an understanding of systems and computer networks influences how she interprets the world, merging the different skills she has acquired.

Ms. Wadbrook holds a BA in Humanities (with Honors) in English and Philosophy, a Masters Equivalency in Middle and Secondary Education to teach English (PGCE), an MSc in Information Systems and is qualified as a certified engineer at Cisco Systems (CCIE).  Throughout her career, Ms. Wadbrook has written for academic journals on adult education, published exam guides for Cisco Systems and written many short courses for various aspects of technology.  

Throughout all of her professional work, a thread appears: she loves to understand how things work, particularly how they interrelate.  Therefore, on a personal level, it makes sense that she loves traveling, or sitting absolutely still--absorbed in a good book.