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Academic Concentrations

Launching with the Class of 2028, Academic Concentrations empower students to dive into the field of study that they are most interested in, preparing them for a successful college and professional career.

A group of students smiles

Tiger Track

explore Tiger Track

The Tiger Track Concentration prepares students to enjoy a taste of everything at NDB. From science to arts to social sciences, the Tiger Track Concentration has it all!


Two students work on a science project


Explore STEM

NDB’s Women in STEM Concentration immerses students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, preparing them for a college-level academic career.

Student speaking into a microphone in front of podium

Mass Comms

Explore Mass Comms

The Mass Communications Concentration prepares students to understand the ever-evolving power of media, media technologies and communications in daily life.

Three students smile and hold potted plants


Explore Humanities

The Humanities Concentration engrosses students in the study of language, history, religion, literature and philosophy. Students explore elements of life that impact human beings and their cultures with analytic critical methods of inquiry.

Students fundraise for CORA shelter with signs

Social Justice

explore social justice

The Social Justice Concentration empowers students to examine some of the most complex issues related to race, gender, sexuality and more.


A softball catcher prepared to catch a ball

Sports Medicine & Management

Explore Sports medicine & management

The Sports Medicine and Management Concentration takes students behind the scenes of the sports and athletics industry, giving them an eye into sports medicine and business management — two critical areas that make the world of sports a success.

Student dancers perform on stage


Explore arts

The Arts Concentration immerses students in creative expression in the classroom, on the stage and in the studio.

A student receives an award

St. Julie Scholar

Explore st. julie scholar

Beginning sophomore year, the St. Julie Scholar Concentration prepares students for elevated academic performance in college.