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A group of students mid-jump in front of campus, wearing student uniforms

Tiger Track Concentration

The Tiger Track Concentration prepares students to enjoy a taste of everything at NDB. From science to arts to social sciences, the Tiger Track Concentration has it all! Students who choose the Tiger Track Concentration will have the opportunity to excel in a variety of subject areas and identify their yet-to-be-discovered talents and passions that will prepare them for a successful academic career in college and beyond.

Who is a Tiger Track Tiger?

A Tiger Track Tiger is an ambitious student who wants to explore all that NDB has to offer. Interested in a variety of academic disciplines and extracurricular activities, a Tiger Track Tiger gets their feet wet in numerous fields of study including STEM, humanities and social sciences, mass communications, social justice, arts and sports management. With the ability to explore many possibilities and identify interests and talents that a Tiger didn’t know they had, the sky's the limit for a Tiger Track Tiger.

Tiger Track Students Develop:

  • Advanced written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Proficiency in science and math 
  • An understanding of US history
  • Compelling public speaking skills
  • Creative self expression skills
  • Leadership and collaboration skills
  • Passion for community service
A student smiles wearing an %22I am Notre Dame%22 T-shirt
A Forensics student holds up her project
Two students smile wearing their class color; blue
Two students take fingerprints in forensics class
A STEM student pours purple liquid into a beaker
A student does a calculation in class
A student raises her hand in class
Four students smile

A group of leadership students smile in front of the school
A student smiles as she speaks into a microphone
A group of leadership students smile in front of the school
A student smiles and gestures with her hands as she speaks with a microphone
A group of leadership students smile inside the school hallway
A student speaks into a microphone at a podium

Student Leadership and Clubs

Leadership roles empower students to build communication skills in-action. NDB offers over 200 leadership positions in student government, boards, and professional clubs and organizations. Roughly half of student leaders are elected into their roles by the student body while the other half are selected based upon an extensive application and interview process. 

NDB is a community that showed me that I mattered and I could do anything. This instilled a lasting confidence in me. I see my career in Employee Experience as an extension of skills I sharpened as a member of Notre Dame's ASB - building meaningful relationships and celebrating people for who they are and what they value. I was nurtured at NDB and it's my goal to make my colleagues and friends feel the same way.

Miranda Sulley

Miranda Sulley '07
Head of Employee Happiness at Just Answer

What I experienced at Notre Dame was undeniably the groundwork for the future. Notre Dame gave me a treasure chest of tools for life. I will forever be grateful for all the teachers that gave me a true love of education. There is not only excellent academia, but also a real appreciation of learning. Little did I know, my destination would be so involved in teaching and education.

Carol Trelut

Carol Trelut '62
Former Principal of Nativity School

Built on the tenets of integrity, compassion and perseverance, my Notre Dame Belmont education as a tuition assistance recipient allowed me to confidently pursue a meaningful career in optometry. Today, I am able to impact hundreds of patients by providing sight-saving medical care.

Jacqueline Evans '05

Jacqueline Evans '05
Doctor of Optometry

Girls who believe wholeheartedly in their intellect and ability - especially when they work together - can be an incredible source of power and good. At Notre Dame, I was taught to trust in my intelligence, talent and strength on a fundamental level. That lesson was more valuable than anything I could have learned in a classroom, and it is a lesson I carry with me today.

Dyan Valdes

Dyan Valdes '98
International Recording Artist and Touring Musician