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A student speaks into a microphone at a podium, holding a digital camera

Mass Communications Concentration

Launching with the Class of 2028, the Mass Communications Concentration prepares students to understand the ever-evolving power of media, media technologies and communications in daily life. Students learn to conduct complex quantitative social analyses, write clearly and engage others with compelling purpose. Students conduct multimedia storytelling with a sense of curiosity, developing intellectual tools to find answers to questions both now and in the future. 

Who is a Mass Communications Tiger?

A Mass Communications Tiger is creative, detail oriented and highly communicative. A Mass Communications Tiger collaborates and uses active listening skills to understand the world around them, employing their advanced writing and public speaking skills to convey their thoughts in powerful and compelling ways. A Mass Communications Tiger may be behind the curtain or camera, capturing the latest news to publish in The Catalyst student newspaper or making a speech to run for class council to represent their peers.

A student speaks at a podium as they gesture with their arms up
Two students speak into a microphone at a podium
A group of students speaks in front of another group of students who sit before them
A student smiles as she speaks into a microphone at a podium
Two students writing in class
A student speaks into a microphone at a podium
A student speaks into a microphone at a podium
Student writing in class
A student and faculty member speak to a group of parents
A student wears a judge outfit to speak to a mock courtroom

Mass Communications Students Develop:

  • Advanced written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Compelling and polished public speaking skills
  • A poised and articulate voice 
  • Creative self expression skills
  • Multimedia communication skills (i.e. photography, videography, writing, editing, public speaking)

A teacher and a student smile at the school newspaper
Students read the newspaper
Two students in journalism class
student gives thumbs up over the student newspaper
Students working on laptops
Students work together on a laptop
Students converse in a group
group of students smiles
Group of students smile

The Catalyst Student Newspaper

The Catalyst is NDB's award-winning student newspaper, providing students with hands-on experience in journalism reporting, writing and editing. Crafted for students by students, The Catalyst is published digitally and in print several times throughout the year. Each issue includes news stories, photos and graphic designs by students in the journalism program. Through both the journalism class and club, students have a place to learn and practice expressing their journalistic voice for the NDB community.

Student Cadence Goblirsch ‘27 Shares How Journalism Class at NDB Expands Her Horizons and Inspires Her Career

Notre Dame empowers students who have a love for writing and generating stories to become NDB journalists through Journalism Class. Student Journalist Cadence Goblirsch '27 shares her experience through a student reflection.

Read student reflection

Journalism Class

Tiger TV

Tiger TV is NDB’s broadcast journalism news show.  Started in the early 2010's by teacher Frank Ryerson, it features live newscasts, recorded news packages and “people on the street” interviews by student journalists. The show itself is broadcasted from its basement studio at the end of every other week.  Through both the journalism class and club, students learn to apply both their English and visual arts skills in multimedia storytelling for the NDB community and beyond.
Two students in front of green screen
Students working in Tiger TV studio
Students working in Tiger TV studio
Student holds up teleprompter
Students working in Tiger TV studio
Students working in Tiger TV studio
Students working in Tiger TV studio
Student films student in front of green screen
Student films another student in front of a green screen
Two students in front of green screen
Student looks at computer with teacher
Students in front of green screen
A group of leadership students smile in front of the school
A student smiles as she speaks into a microphone
A group of leadership students smile in front of the school
A student smiles and gestures with her hands as she speaks with a microphone
A group of leadership students smile inside the school hallway
A student speaks into a microphone at a podium

Student Leadership

Leadership roles empower students to build communication skills in-action. NDB offers over 200 leadership positions in student government, boards, and professional clubs and organizations. Roughly half of student leaders are elected into their roles by the student body while the other half are selected based upon an extensive application and interview process. 

Career Examples:

Public Information Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Communications Director
Marketing Director
News Anchor

My favorite class at NDB was Fr. Downey's English class. I learned how to develop my own writing style, take risks, and put my heart and soul on paper. It wasn't just about proper grammar and sentence structure—it was an art. In addition to Fr. Downey's mentorship, Michael McKenna's Current Events class inspired me to become a newspaper reporter. Peggy Brady's English class fostered a love of reading and telling a good story. After college, I became a newspaper reporter and editor. I loved every minute! My job eventually morphed into communications/media roles at Serra High School, the Nueva School and my current media relations position at Kaiser Permanente. When I look back on my career, I realize that it all began at NDB.

Antonia Ehlers '86
Senior Public Relations Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Collectively, the skills I learned at NDB and perfected at TCU have allowed me to become an asset within the sports and entertainment industry. After one year I have been promoted, led our team in evolving the guest experience, and personally hosted all-star musical talent, such as Joe Jonas and promoted the importance of women in these industries. I look forward to learning, mentoring, and evolving the sports and entertainment world. Notre Dame taught me to just go for it. You might meet failure along the way, but no matter what, everything happens for a reason. It also showed me that being around strong women and collaborating with others is beneficial to everything in life. 

Lauren Haverty

Lauren Haverty '18
Marketing and Communications Sr. Coordinator, REV Entertainment and Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Notre Dame gave me a lot of skills in leadership, teamwork, project organization, public speaking and knowing how to ask the right questions that helped me through college and in my post-grad life. With caring and excited teachers, as well as a supportive and lively environment and a lot of incentive to work hard, Notre Dame was a great place to prepare me for my future.

Emily Clarke '18
English Language Assistant at Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in Extremadura, Spain

At NDB, I was always encouraged to speak up, make mistakes, try new things, challenge myself, and be a go-getter. This made me fearless in college and starting my professional career. This propelled unbelievable passion, ambition, and growth that I continue to build upon today. There was also an unbelievable support system between faculty, staff, and fellow peers, which taught me the importance of community and its impact. Anything is possible when there is a sense of community and purpose, and I learned that at NDB.

Daniella Labat '10
Director of Marketing, Repurpose

There are a number of ways in which NDB prepared me in my career. I had the gift of experiences in collaboration and leadership that allowed me to be part of something bigger than myself and learned skills of working within a group to move something forward. Aquacades performances, cheer/dance, and my time on ASB all taught me early invaluable skills that allowed me to navigate a number of roles throughout my career. 

Jennifer Callen '96
Senior Director, Pinterest