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Flag Football students run out and cheer on the field

Sports Medicine and Management Concentration

Launching with the Class of 2028, the Sports Medicine and Management Concentration takes students behind the scenes of the sports and athletics industry, giving them an eye into sports medicine and business management — two critical areas that make the world of sports a success. Whether students are interested in training athletes, managing a sports team, marketing or managing the business side of the industry, the Sports Management Concentration is a great place to start a professional career.

Who is a Sports Medicine and Management Tiger?

A Sports Medicine and Management Tiger is a team player — someone who cheers on their team members and shakes hands with their opponents. With an athletic mind, a Sports Medicine and Management Tiger wants to learn how to keep players, teammates and peers safe and healthy while playing the game, whether the “game” is on the field or in the classroom.
Three tennis students smile in their uniforms
A water polo student holds the ball over an opponent
Two golfers point at their next hole
Cheer students are mid-air during a performance
Two water polo students watch their team compete
A shortstop prepares to catch a softball
A softball player runs to the next base
A volleyball player serves the ball
Cheer students perform with 3 students lifted in the air
A golf student hits the ball with her driver

Sports Medicine and Management Module Students Develop:

  • An understanding of sports management
  • Knowledge of sports medicine
  • Comprehension of the human body and wellness
  • Written and Interpersonal communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Proficiency in business management
  • Knowledge of the foundations of marketing

Sports Medicine Students Use Medical Tape to Prevent ACL Injuries

Sports Medicine Students performed a medical taping lab using The ACL Kinesio Taping technique (ACL-KT), a taping method used to prevent ACL injury via application of the tape onto the tibia in an anteroposterior direction.
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Students tape other student's knees
Student tapes another student's knee
Students tape each other's legs in class
Students tape up a leg
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee
Student tapes another student's knee

Career Examples

  • Sports Doctor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Director of Athletics
  • Sports League Manager
  • Physical Therapist
  • Athletic Trainer or Coach
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Sports Marketer
  • College Athletics Administrator

Whether it be trying out for a team or furthering my nursing education in Germany, Notre Dame instilled a drive in me and gave me the faith to trust my own judgment. I worked very hard at Notre Dame and I took that work-ethic with me into my future. The strong mentality and character traits I learned from NDB prepared me for my career.

Chioma Igwe '04

Chioma Igwe, RN '04

Professional Soccer Player and Registered Nurse

The social and curricular aspects of a single gender education at NDB provided an atmosphere that enhanced my learning and socialization experiences. It empowered me with life skills by giving me more responsibility for my education. NDB instilled confidence in me and provided the fundamentals of a strong, well-rounded education that helped me to succeed in my life and career. As an alum and current employee, I'm grateful for the opportunity to interact and act as a role model for students.

Patsy Ianonne

Patsy Iannone '78
Assistant Athletic Director, NDB

What I learned most from NDB was determination and the belief that I could achieve anything I wanted. I studied kinesiology/athletic training in college which at the time was predominantly a profession for men but was starting to see an increase of women joining the profession. At times during my career, I would be the only female amongst a group of all high level collegiate male athletes and coaches, working as the lead healthcare provider for mens' athletic teams. I never felt intimidated or insecure and always earned respect for my professionalism and expertise. I gained so much confidence in myself because of my time at NDB.

Christina Okubo

Christina Okubo '96
Director of Athletics, NDB

When I left my NDB home, I was ready for college. Little did I know how well NDB had prepared me for collegiate life academically, athletically, and for the career choices that I made after college. Even after leaving NDB, the support I received from the faculty, staff, and administration remained the same and still does today. Coming full circle from student to coach, the NDB tiger family has welcomed me home.

Samantha Rossi

Samantha Rossi '06

Varsity Basketball Coach, NDB;

Associate Finance Director of Stanford Athletics