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student smiles with chemistry books

STEM Concentration

Women represent only thirty percent of the STEM workforce in the U.S. — and Notre Dame Belmont (NDB) is working to close the gender gap. Launching with the Class of 2028, NDB’s STEM Concentration immerses students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, preparing them for a college-level academic career.

AP CSP Female Diversity Award

NDB has earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles (CSP). This award acknowledges 1,127 schools for their work toward equal gender representation during the 2022-23 school year. NDB is one of only 834 schools to be recognized for achieving this important result in AP CSP. Learn more.

Who is a STEM Tiger?

A STEM Tiger has an inquiring mind, and may often find themself asking why, how or what. If you tell a STEM Tiger that our rainforests are in danger, they might ask why, quickly followed by, how can I help? A STEM Tiger seeks to understand the world around them and bolster innovations to bring solutions to the world's most complex predicaments.
A student lights a bunsen burner
Two students look at a beaker with purple liquid in it
Two students work together in science class, wearing goggles
Students listen to their teacher as they all wear science goggles and smocks.
A student pours liquid into a beaker
A student works in class on a science project as she pours green liquid into a beaker
Two students work with a bunsen burner
Two students light a bunsen burner
A student works on a science project
Two students smile as they work on a science project
Science teacher helps students in class with a dissection

Virtual Dissection Technology

AP Bio students virtually dissect invertebrates with using a cutting edge, interactive, 3D technology system where the inner workings of animals and life forms come to life with the click of a button.
A student uses a computer to perform a virtual dissection on a sea star as she wears goggles
Students perform a virtual dissection on a computer, as they wear glasses and hold a pen
Students perform a virtual dissection on a computer
Students perform a virtual dissection on a computer
A student performs a virtual dissection on a computer
A student performs a virtual dissection of a frog on a computer
A student performs a virtual dissection on a computer
A student performs a virtual dissection on a computer
A computer screen that shows a virtual dissection of a star fish

Courses and Opportunities

Capstone Project Example: Virtual Economics Class

What is money? Where does money come from? Why does it seem like our money is spent so quickly? The answer will be found in Susie Liu's (Class of 2024) Capstone project called Women in Economics -- Teenager Economics Online Classroom, which serves as an online platform for economics foundation courses for middle and high school students.  Visit Teenager Economics Study Online Classroom to join the classroom, with no pay, no commitment, self-paced comprehensive platform. 

Forensics Fingerprinting Lab

Forensics Mock Trial

Forensic students take to the courtroom following mock crime scenes that are staged on campus. Faculty and staff take on the roles of perpetrators, accomplices and witnesses among staged crimes of vengeance on campus! Students evaluate the crime scene using their knowledge of fingerprint and bloodstain pattern analysis. Following crime scene evaluations, students hold an ongoing mock trial in the courtroom as they play out the roles of courtroom judges, lawyers, clerks and more. Various classes on campus attend the trial each day as the jury, along with American Sign Language students translating the courtroom correspondence. Students exude exemplary confidence and poise as they present evidence, record testimony, cross-examine witnesses and more!
Forensics student wears googles and uses a pipettor
Two students work together in science class
Forensics student wears googles and uses a pipettor
Two students examine evidence
A student takes fingerprints of an adult
A student looks at a vial of liquid
A student works with evidence with an adult man wearing a suit
A student examines a fake body
Students examine a crime scene with a fake body
Students examine evidence with an adult man wearing a suit
Students pack and label evidence
Students examine a crime scene
A translator signs American Sign Language in the courtroom
A student wears a judge robe
Students in a mock courtroom
A student %22judge%22 speaks
Students stand in front of the mock courtroom
Students stand in front of the mock courtroom

Best Practices for STEM Education

NDB’s STEM Concentration embodies five best practices for STEM education, highlighted by the Center for STEM Education for Girls:

These five best practices have proven to be a successful framework to engage more interest in STEM education for women and girls and is a critical tool in closing the STEM gender gap.

Career Examples:

  • Medical Physician
  • Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Laboratory Scientist
  • Veterinarian 
  • Marine Biologist
  • Architect
  • Astronomer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Genetic Counselor

Built on the tenets of integrity, compassion and perseverance, my Notre Dame Belmont education as a tuition assistance recipient allowed me to confidently pursue a meaningful career in optometry. Today, I am able to impact hundreds of patients by providing sight-saving medical care.

Jacqueline Evans '05

Jacqueline Evans '05 
Doctor of Optometry

I value the all-girls education that NDB uniquely offers, as the experience enabled personal development by strengthening my confidence and my ability to communicate well with others. I work with researchers, doctors, nurses and all kinds of patients and communicating effectively is very important. An NDB education allowed me to enter college and the workforce with confidence.

Brooke Nightingale

Brooke Nightingale Duleavy ‘11
Genetic Counselor at Stanford Children's Health

Notre Dame instilled in me the conviction to pursue my dream to become a physician. My high school experience gave me the confidence to strive as a woman in the field of science. My Notre Dame roots have helped me to succeed as a compassionate physician, daughter, wife and mother.

Bridget Phillip

Bridget Marchetti Philip ‘92

I am grateful for an NDB education because no other school could have provided me with the broad exposure to science, the opportunities to demonstrate and grow into leadership roles and the confidence to achieve my biggest goals. The NDB experience is unique and showed me that I am capable of more than I ever thought.

Abiya Baqai

Abiya Baqai ‘20
Human Biology and Public Policy Student at UC Berkeley

NDB prepared me with many of the foundational tools needed for my career today like the ability to communicate and work with others, act with kindness, and a strong foundation in writing and science.

Marisa Mendenhall

Marisa Mendenhall '10
Manager CRE ESG Programs, RE Tech Advisors

NDB helped me discover my love for biology. The school's project-based learning curriculum allowed me to explore my niche interests in all of my classes. It was so much fun writing mini plays for Greek Day in English class and dressing up for mock debates in APUSH, but probably the most impactful project was when I got to make a movie about deep sea ecosystems in Mrs. Girard's biology class. Creating this film helped me realize how much I love the ocean and led me towards contacting marine conservation organizations in the Bay Area. I am currently volunteering with the California Academy of Sciences as a SCUBA diver and preparing to apply to medical school. My life would have gone in a completely different direction if I had not caught the biology bug at NDB.

Julia Montes Laing

Julia Montes-Laing '16
Scuba Diver at California Academy of Sciences and pursuing medical school