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100 Years, 100% Participation

Annual Fund August 21 to September 29 Continue the Legacy of Empowering Women
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Today’s the day – it’s our Annual Fund Kick-Off – the time to Continue the Legacy of Empowering Young Women!

For 100 years, NDB has pioneered the education of women, propelling them to lead with courage, confidence and conviction. As NDB celebrates our Centennial, we invite you to help us to continue the legacy of empowering women through education by supporting our Annual Fund from August 21 to September 29, 2023. Our goal is to reach 100 percent participation for 100 years of education! 

The NDB Annual Fund supports all aspects of our school including academic programs, technology and innovation, student activities, athletics and upkeep of our beloved 100-year old building and campus grounds. With increasing inflation rates at 9.1%, we have a greater responsibility to provide comprehensive salaries and benefits for our dedicated staffulty. 

Your support will empower NDB to address these needs and continue our legacy of empowering women. We invite you to make a difference today by supporting the school that you know and love.

Our Legacy

Marisa Mendenhall

"NDB prepared me with many of the foundational tools needed for my career today like the ability to communicate and work with others, act with kindness, and a strong foundation in writing and science." - Marisa Mendenhall ‘10, Manager CRE ESG Programs, RE Tech Advisors


Jenny King
“NDB taught me to work hard. It taught me to not give up. It taught me to advocate for myself and for others. It taught me empathy. I didn't know I was learning these skills at the time. Then, I thought I was simply learning to study and how to be a friend. But looking back? NDB wasn't just preparing me for my career working with at-risk LBGTQIA youth, it was preparing me for life." - JJ King (Jenny Lindeburg), ‘98, Crisis Support Counselor
“At NDB, I was always encouraged to speak up, make mistakes, try new things, challenge myself, and be a go-getter. This made me fearless in college and starting my professional career. This propelled unbelievable passion, ambition, and growth that I continue to build upon today. There was also an unbelievable support system between faculty, staff, and fellow peers, which taught me the importance of community and its impact. Anything is possible when there is a sense of community and purpose, and I learned that at NDB.” - Daniella Labat ‘10, Director of Marketing at Repurpose