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Ai of the Tiger: Jessica Ai’s defense carries Notre Dame-Belmont to ‘W’ in CIF Nor Cal volleyball opener

volleyball team celebrates after a great play
  • Athletics

The following is an excerpt from an article published by The Daily Journal:

"The CIF Northern California Girls’ Volleyball Championships opened with a cat fight at Moore Pavilion.

It quickly became clear Notre Dame-Belmont had a secret weapon for just such a matchup with the Ai of the Tiger — as in senior setter Jessica Ai, who put on a brilliant exhibition of defense to lead the NDB Tigers.

With Game 1 hanging in the balance, though, Ai turned in the play of the night. With the Tigers clinging to a 22-21 lead, a wonky serve receive was headed into the net, but Ai was having none of that. The instinctive play saw her leap toward the net while planting her foot just in front of the center line, while simultaneously punching the ball off the top of the net and back to the NDB side. A rowdy rally ensued, with NDB junior Paige Lambert ultimately securing the point with one of the Tigers’ three match blocks."

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