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Tigers Can Be Anything

Tigers Can Be Anything

As Notre Dame students attended the Barbie movie, they began to reflect on the potential of women to create positive change in the world. Barbie, who has been an astronaut, a physician, a veterinarian, and much more, has inspired young women and girls (and many of our NDB students!) to be who they want to be. As NDB students laughed at the elaborate dance numbers and smirked at the ironic nuances, they realized something incredible - that places like Barbie Land aren’t just in movies.

Notre Dame Belmont (NDB) is a school full of dynamic, bright and creative young students who discover their talents, find their voices and are prepared for a life of commitment and purpose. At NDB, being yourself is a superpower. NDB students feel safe to take academic risks and their unique gifts are supported and valued. 

Tigers dive into numerous fields of study including STEM, humanities and social sciences, mass communications, social justice, arts and sports management. Launching with the Class of 2028, NDB’s Academic Concentrations empower students to dive into the field of study that they are most interested in, preparing them for a successful college and professional career. With the ability to explore many possibilities and identify interests and talents, the sky's the limit for Notre Dame students.

Achieve your dreams at NDB by applying to be a Tiger today! 

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