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Spirit and Sisterhood

A group of students smile wearing pink Notre Dame shirts and facepaint

I left NDB with a very close network of friends, who are all high quality people. I keep in touch with many of the women from my class, some of whom were either in, or at, my wedding! It is not a coincidence that when I see former classmates, everyone is thriving. These women are flourishing in their careers and doing work in their personal lives that improves the world for those around them. I think NDB provides a foundation that helps build up strong, confident women who are a step ahead of their peers as they enter the real world

Brooke Dunleavey

Brooke Nightingale Dunleavy '11
Genetic Counselor at Stanford Children's Hospital

I am grateful for my NDB education because of the lifelong friendships I made as a teenager. My best friends from high school are still my best friends today! We still meet often and have shared so many of life's ups and downs. NDB provided a solid foundation for us to grow as caring, confident, spiritual young women.

Antonia Ehlers

Antonia Ehlers '96
Senior Public Relations Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

I am grateful for an NDB education because it went beyond schooling. NDB is a community of lifelong learners that gives us the knowledge we need for life, the confidence of speaking up and the comfort of knowing we can always come home.

Gillian Hegarty

G Imazumi-Hegarty '07
Teacher at NDB

My years at Notre Dame are full of memories. My best friend to this day was my best friend in High School. Most importantly, the belief in ourselves, which fueled the strength  we needed in our life to overcome obstacles, was instilled. The friendships, the dedicated teachers and the continued support are just a little of the joys that helped prepare me for the future.

Carol Trelut

Carol Trelut '62
Former Principal at Nativity School

Lifelong Community

NDB is not just a school, it is a lifelong community and a timeless sisterhood. In joining NDB, you are welcomed into a lineage of innovative women who create positive change in the world.  Students don’t just go to Notre Dame, they are PROUD to go to Notre Dame and show their Tiger spirit. The NDB experience is like no other. Whether Tigers  are cheering on peers at athletic events, performing in an Aquacades routine, or singing class chants at the top of their lungs at a spirit rally, students love to show school spirit and celebrate the spirit that Notre Dame is. These are the moments that bond Tigers together in the lived experience of sisterhood. 

two students smile


Big Sisters

Every incoming freshman is assigned a Big Sister who is a member of the junior class. Big Sisters are there to celebrate your entrance to NDB, answer any questions, offer support and celebrate your accomplishments. Students are matched based on similar interests.
students shouting at a rally


Spirit Rallies and Assemblies

Spirit rallies are held several times during the year to honor NDB sports teams, recognize achievements and celebrate NDB school spirit.

I love Aquacades because it brings together so many different students with different talents. 100% of students and staffulty are involved so it feels so inclusive.  - Kari Allegri, ‘96


Students bring an 80 year tradition to life as they perform swim, dance and cheer routines. The powerful energy of classmates cheering and music pumping raises the roof off the building every year. The experience of Aquacades is like no other. You have to see it to believe it!

Ding Bat Rally

In celebration of Halloween, students attend an annual rally in their creative costumes.

PowderPuff Football Game

Sophomore Sharks and Senior Dragons took on the Freshman Vipers and Junior Monarchs for the annual Powder Puff Flag Football Game.

Class Spirit

Each class has its own class color and elects their own mascot, which strengthens the bond of sisterhood. Classes engage in spirit competitions throughout the year.
  • Class of 2024: Dragons (green)
  • Class of 2025: Monarchs (purple)
  • Class of 2026: Sharks (blue)
  • Class of 2027: Mascot coming soon! (red)
Students cheer at rally
Students cheer at rally
A group of students pose in their class colors
Students cheer at a rally
Student hollers at a rally
Students cheer at a rally
students shouting at a rally
Students cheer at a rally
4 students smile and link arms in their class colors
Students smile with volleyballs
Students play musical chairs
Students cheer at Aquacades rally
Students cheer at rally
Students cheer at rally
Cheer team performs
Students cheer at rally
Students cheer at rally
Cheer team performs at rally
Students cheer at rally
Students cheer at rally
Students smile in purple class shirts

Spirit Weeks

Several times a year Tigers celebrate spirit weeks where students come to school dressed in different themes each day to show their school spirit.

Junior Ring Ceremony

Each year, the junior class and their families gather for the beloved Junior Ring Ceremony where juniors receive their class rings and celebrate the lifelong sisterhood of a Notre Dame education.