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Proud to be a Tiger.

I don’t just go to Notre Dame, I am proud to go to Notre Dame. - Penelope Hickson '26

When a Tiger joins NDB, they become a part of a 100-year lineage of female leaders who make positive change in the world. Students don’t just go to Notre Dame, they are PROUD to go to Notre Dame and show their Tiger spirit. The NDB experience is like no other. Whether Tigers  are cheering on peers at athletic events, performing in an Aquacades routine or singing class chants at the top of their lungs at a spirit rally, students love to show school spirit and celebrate the spirit that Notre Dame is. These are the experiences that bond Tigers together in the lived experience of sisterhood. This is the power of an NDB education. 

Students cheer at a rally

Spirit and Sisterhood

Explore Spirit and Sisterhood

NDB is not just a school, it is a lifelong community and a timeless sisterhood. In joining NDB, you are welcomed into a 100-year lineage of innovative women who create positive change in the world.
Students with donation bags

Faith and Service

Explore Faith and Service

NDB develops young women of active faith and Christian leadership who promote justice and peace in the world.

A group of students smile

Student Leadership

Explore Leadership Opportunities

At NDB, all activities and initiatives are female-driven. Leadership skills are developed through student government, campus ministry, athletics and many extracurricular clubs and activities.
Tri-School students smile

Co-Ed Opportunities

Explore Co-Ed Opportunities

NDB is a single-gender school with abundant co-ed connections. As a member of a Tri-School program with Junipero Serra High School and Mercy High School Burlingame, NDB offers students opportunities for a co-educational experience in the areas of academics, performing arts and student activities.

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